Saturday, August 22nd, 2009...7:35 pm

Dolphins Key Chains & Tonights Game

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So I was sent these Miami Dolphins Key Chains the other day.  I am a weird hoarder of all things Dolphins related, so more key chains is exactly what I needed.  I already had a Dolphins key chain on my keys but coincidentally it was one of the ones they sell on their site.  I am digging the key chains and they will engrave them for you pretty cheaply too.  Plus they are 10% off if you use “boredlosing” as a promo code.  Anyway, enough shilling, we have a game tonight! And while the Dolphins have come down with a case of Swine Flu, it gives us a chance to see Vontae Davis in a starting role.  I am prtty excited.  I will be live bloging the game via Twitter here.

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