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The Super Bowl

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The Superbowl is quickly approaching and if you haven’t noticed the Dolphins aren’t in it again.  Thank god the Jets didn’t make it because while the Jets have been terrible forever, the Dolphins haven’t made the Super Bowl in 25 years.  It’s pretty sad when you look at it.

Fortunately if nothing else we can bet on the game. During the Dolfans NYC events there are a crew of guys who bet on everything from the score in the third quarter to what color of underwear the bartender is wearing.  I am not a huge gambler, although I won some money in Vegas a few weeks ago, but the one time I do place a bet or two is during the Super Bowl. I just checked the Super Bowl odds and they are giving the Saints 5, but I am sure I can find someone to bet me straight up. I have a few big Saints fans in my life that will take the action. Then again, I haven’t had the best record… I am still trying to get over the money I lost when the Bucs beat the Raiders.

Anyway, check out this amazing video of Al Michaels & OJ Simpson showing the highlights from the last time the Phins were in the Super Bowl. At least we had some hope at halftime…

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