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Dolfans NYC – Miami Dolphins Fans In NYC

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Dolfans NYC

If you weren’t aware by now, this website isn’t very active. I still update it from time to time but really my efforts have completely moved on to Dolfans NYC – The Official New York City home for the Miami Dolphins. We started this amazing fan club in NYC and it’s grown to be a HUGE thing. We out grew our old bar, and sadly and coincidentally it closed this off season so we have moved to Slattery’s Midtown Pub. It’s a really amazing place and the new home for Phins fans in New York. You gotta come by.

This blog has been amazing for me. It started out as just an off shoot of Driven By Boredom that I did to pass time, but then it led to me getting invited to Miami every year by the Miami Dolphins and eventually meeting the 2 Michelles which led to the formation of DolfansNYC. It’s really been a cool experience. This blog never really amounted to much, but it put me in a place to network with Miami Dolphins webmasters, start a relationship with the Dolphins and eventually form our NYC club.

I spent my whole adult life working in promotions of some sort, from the band I managed, to the nightlife events I worked in NYC to art shows to promoting DBB, but the thing I have been most successful with is DolfansNYC. It’s pretty funny, but it sort of makes sense because it’s truly the one thing I am doing just for the love.

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